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 Show up as your best self, get things done and free 10+ hours per week without stress

In this free 12 page guide, I’ll show you:

  • My exact 5-step process to find and protect flow so that you can tune into it deliberately. This way, you will have less resistance,
    create clarity, momentum and better use of your talents and time.
  • In step 2, I show you the system to clarify your focus so that you have clarity on what to say YES and NO to, so that you can easily cut out tasks and distractions that hold you back.
  •  How to create time and space for every activity to ensure you don’t run out of time and energy every day.
  •  and so much more…

Hi! My name is Yulia Urukova Martins. 

I help high-achieving purpose-driven entrepreneurs and business professionals uplevel their personal and professional performance and provide a strategy so that they can put first things first, follow their flow, and serve their best clients.

This short guide will show you how. 


Perform at you peak levels consistently…